New Partnership for MMT

This relationship is hardly news to anyone who visited the MMT store in Wellington this season and met the lovely Natalie and Fynn Macken. Natalie was our oh-so-charming shopgirl extraordinaire and Fynn her constant (gorgeous) sidekick and model. It thrills me to say that Natalie (and Fynn) are now our official partners in MMT. We have been doing all the Spring buying together and can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we have found. Very exciting! Xx


The Mouse-Mobile

All kidding aside we now have a home
away from home! We have been considering something like this for years but now finally decided to commit. We have already taken it all the way from Brussels to Arezzo, Italy (1,300km) and then to Lausanne, Switzerland and finally home to Brussels again. We lived in it for two weeks on the road and loved it. We are officially gypsies.


Where have I been?

Where the hell have I been you might ask…truth be told this Summer was our busiest yet and this blog was very low on my list of priorities. But here I am!
Basically what changed this Summer was that I started riding a lot more. Last year when I decided to start writing this blog (and open the store) I wasn’t riding at all. Now that I am back in the saddle things have changed a bit. For one, I have a lot less time to stare at the walls.
Having more horses to ride helps me stay excited about living in Belgium. This summer flew by, it is a lot more interesting to go to shows and compete versus just watching/supporting. I also got very lucky with the horses I have now, makes everything more fun.
Anyway, this Fall we have a jam packed schedule of shows coming up and I will do my best to keep this blog up to date.
Our little mouse will be coming along to all of the shows with us now that we are the proud owners of a Stephex Motorhome. More on that in my next post….

Contemplating the next step

This season at the Winter Equestrian Festival has been great for the MMT store. We have done as well as can be expected. The only downside is the cost of being at the horse show! There are pros and cons of course. The show was a great place to meet new customers and establish ourselves as the go-to place for children’s clothing on the grounds.
What I am wondering about now is what is next for us. We are planning to go to the Old Salem Farm Charity Horse Shows and the Hampton Classic. My question is how to fill the gaps. The logical option would be to go online. The logistics of that are a bit daunting, but I think it may be the way to go. I am scared to be swimming out to sea in the world wide web. Eeek.
I am looking for any and all advice regarding starting up an online store. Scary and exciting all at once xxxx

One of “those” days, weeks, months…

One of the downsides of being in one place for so long, are the ruts that we can fall into. Even though I told you a few weeks ago that this is my favorite time of year (which it undoubtably is)…it is very hard to keep things fresh when you are living in a “Groundhog Day” type scenario. The inevitable WEF exhaustion seems to be setting in across the board as I look around me at the show grounds. ¬†The horses are tired of jumping the same jumps in the same rings and the riders are just tired of the incredible demands a circuit like this puts upon them. Personally, I wish that we could just push pause on the whole thing so I could feel like I am able to get everything done and still enjoy this time here.

I have so many days down here where I literally forget to stop and take a break. Just for five minutes. Today, at one point, I could feel all of the stress literally tightening in my back. I went to get adjusted by my chiropractor and left there a different person. Sometimes it just takes ¬†stepping back for a few minutes to have to perspective you need to make it through the day a happy person. For me being adjusted can literally change the course of my day. You just have to find little, healthy ways to release the stress. I have started packing little snacks and always having a big bottle of water with me. It sounds extreme but sometimes spending the day at the show grounds can feel like an episode of “Survivor”.

At the end of each day, no matter how stressful or frusting it may have been, getting to come home to a happy little girl puts everything in perspective.

Till next time…..xxxxxx